“Relax and it will happen”

Sitting here cuddling my sleeping little boy, I still can’t believe he is here! The road to get him seemed so long and hard, I had almost given up hope of being able to conceive. Getting pregnant feels like it should be easy and natural and for most women it seems to be. But for those who struggle to conceive, need help or can’t conceive at all, it can be a heartbreaking time and process. 

For me and my partner it was a 5 year journey, which luckily ended how we wanted….with our miracle! However the trails and tests were draining in every way. And some days it was a challenge just to get out of bed and carry on with your day and be nice to people when all our want to do is curl up and cry away from everyone and everything.

 I think for me was when people I knew were getting pregnant (seemingly with no trouble what so ever), don’t get me wrong,I was happy for them but sad for me. Another reminder of what I couldn’t have. So to stay sane,  I distanced myself from people, i tried to stay in touch but couldn’t always ‘see’ them because it was too much for me to handle without breaking down. 

The most command piece of advice g iven is “relax and it will happen” I hate the phrase! But on the flip side it is the best and worst piece of advice given. Yes you do need to relax but it’s hard when it’s all you can think about, especially  when it seems like all you see around you is families  with young babies. And it hits you, the one thing you want is possibly the one thing you’ll never get.


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