Something wrong?

So after making the decision of wanting children you start ‘trying’. After the first few months of disspointment you start to wonder if somethings wrong. So you go to the doctors and they tell you they won’t do anything til you’ve been trying for two years.  TWO YEARS!!!! How ridiculous is that? ??? 

So two years down the line and you go back to the doctors who refers you to the hospital for testing. As life is so fair…men only have ONE test to rule out a problem and women seem to have hundreds 😫 . So after multiple blood tests and scans it turns out I have pcos. Polycystic ovary syndrome.  What a pain in the butt! To top it off I was told I was several stone overweight – Urgh!  So with the advice of losing weight and taking golic acid and metformin (to help with the weightless as my body doesnt use insulin the way it should and fertility ). I knew the problem would be with my body! It was all my fault we couldn’t have kids…felt like my world was ending.  All I’d ever wanted was children. 

So going home from the hospital I did some research and decided to change my diet, as pcos can lead to type 2 diabetes.  I made small changes to the things we eat! Brown bread, brown rice/pasta etc. Cut out sweet stuff 😦  and only had it as a treat. For the first few months the weight started to come off then I struggled because the weight wasn’t going anywhere no matter how hard it tried 😦 . 

I carried on even though I wanted to stop. And everytime mother nature came to visit it destroyed a little piece of me and made things harder.  I’m very lucky that my husband stood by me…even through my mood swings and major grumpiness…..I still don’t know how he managed it! I love him to bits! !!


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