Milk machine

I’m all for breastfeeding on demand but don’t you just feel like a sodding milk machine some days? ?????!! 

I know it’s good for baby but the sore, raw nipples and tender boobs just put me right off!!! And the feeding so often just gets to me and I just want to give up! 

As it is my little boy does take a bottle and formula so I occasionally get a break,  tying to do a late night bottle to get him to sleep abit longer at night, it extends sleep by about an hour. (Still doesn’t feel long enough ). And yes I know a lot of people frown upon combination feeding but I don’t care,he’s got to get used to it at some point and it makes it easier if other people can feed him. Also means he’s not attached to me 24/7 and will go to other people! 

Doesn’t help things when he poo explodes over me…..staining my favourite pair of prepregnacy jeans…..

Oh well milk machine it is then


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