Curl up and cry

Hate the days when sod all seems to go right and you just want to curl up and cry, to get the frustration and anger and sadness out of your system, just so you can pick yourself up and carry on. Which is fine but it feels like I’ve been strong for too long and I can’t do it anymore. And maybe I dont want to pick up and carry on….I’ll just hide in bed for a while!  I know it’s just one day and hopefully tomorrow will be better but I’ve given up on today! 

Think both me and the little man are both of sorts, so we’ve bounced out grumpiness off each other! He’s now fast asleep in my arms , just enjoying the cuddles (and quiet!) Before I find the energy to put him to bed.  The I can look after myself a little…well after some chores get done!  

So here’s to everyone who have a crappy day but still get up and carry on! 


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