Miracle – treatment and trauma

So I went for coffee yesterday with my boss and her friend and the 2 boys I nanny for (missed them so much! !!!) And my bosses friend didnt realise everything I went through to get my little miracle!  I also didn’t realise the amount of trauma the treatment caused before ether miracle of pregnancy  and science.

So after being diagnosed with PCOS I was put on metformin to help lose weight (and get pregnant ). I really struggled to lose the weight…Because my body didn’t use insulin the was it should….hence the metformin!  

So the next stage was a scan to see if I had eggs and if anything was blocked. The scan showed I had eggs but they couldn’t get anywhere because the were sticking to the outside of my ovary…it actually looked like a pearl necklace around my ovaries! 

My fallopian tubes were also flushed with dye to see if there were any obstructions. ..there wasn’t.  But that procedure was bloody uncomfortable!  It felt like loads of pressure at the base of my back and like I had a really full bladder! After over half an hour of laying spread eagled I had to ask when they would be done! 

Next they put me on a 6 month trail of clommid,  the fertility  drug. I’m sure it works miracles for some women but I couldnt get on with it! I got bad period pain anyway and this made it a thousand times worse! Nothing like wan ting to curl up in a  ball and hating everyone!  And struggling to have the motivation to move…felt like I constantly had to have a hot water bottle stuck to me or in a HOT bath just to counter the pain a little! So that was a major disspointment every month when my period came and we still weren’t pregnant  😭 the emotional drain on me was getting unbearable and I really started to avoid people. I just didn’t want to be around them, to have that reminder of what I couldn’t have.

Anyway next stage was to have my ovaries drilled. Luckily this time I was put under for this procedure.  So they blew up my adomin and scraped of the excess eggs from my ovaries and drilled them to allow eggs to be released better. The flushed my follopian  tubes again for good measure.  Leaving me with 3 tiny scars to mark this part of my journey! 

Being weight on hand and foot was lovely! Although the look I got from hubby everytime I got up to go to the loo was funny!  It was a cross between ‘where are you going’ and ‘the toilet again?’  ! Also the gas was embarrassing!  Never had anything like it! But it has to get out somehow. ….

I never really thought about what an amazing job our bodies do-but it does do amazing things. With the advancement of medical science – the things that can be done are invasive but amazing. And did get the job done!

So they gave me a few months for things to settle down before trying clommid again for 4 months….The day I went to talk to my consultant about the drugs again I found out I was pregnant! !! 

I couldn’t believe it!! I’d only randomly checked because I’d gone 5 weeks between periods (I was irregular anyway…The operation had started to regulate my periods,  but no major set pattern) and couldn’t believe my eyes when 2 blue lines began to show!! I cried! Really actually cried!!! ( those that know me, known I’m not a crier!) 

So I rang my hubby at work to let him know the fantastic news!! He cried a little too!! Our miracle was finally happening! ! 


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