Kids just seem to know…

So me and hubby were talking last night about putting our little man into his own room soon. I said because he’s only waking up twice a night to feed maybe it’s time for him to go into his own room? hubby agreed so obviously the little man heard this and was up at his usual half 12 and half 3…..and then half four til just after 5 and 6…..little sod!!! 

It will get done, at some point this week! (Hopefully )

Doesn’t help hubbies alarm goes off at 5 for work but that can’t be helped! 

So tired and grumpy today. 

It’s rhyme time day today so we went and started singing. ..and would you believe it? The little monkey fell asleep half way through the session! !!! 

And I love the way people say ‘sleep when baby sleeps’ yeah and nothing would ever get done!! Washing sorted and dishwasher emptied and some shopping done,  that’s about the extent of what will get done today! So im enjoying having cuddles with the little man 😄


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