Poorly baby 

Well there’s nothing like clearing up sickness and diarrhoea at half one in the morning!

So my little boy has not been quite right all afternoon evening, thinking it was just a cold and possibly teeth coming through we dosed him up on calpol and tried soothing and cuddling him. This worked for a while but come bedtime he was really restless 🙁. He napped for while and had his usual feed but after his just after midnight feed he wouldn’t settle very well. 

So giving him cuddles to try and help by rubbing his back (thinking it was trapped wind) he threw up all over me and him! So mopped him up and gave him more cuddles and his bottom end exploded!!! Waking hubby up too! Poor baby! So stripped and into clean stuff he settled so much better and within minutes was fast asleep! Wish I could say the same for me!! 

Hopefully whatever disagreed with my poorly baby is now out of his system and maybe we can all get some sleep!! (She said half heartedly, knowing sleep will never be the same ever again!!) 


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