Sitting here listening to my son snoring, I realise it’s been a long few days. 

I believe my little boy is teething, as well as having a  snotty nose (urgh!) Which makes him a grumpy boy 😦 

I just feel  helpless that I can’t take away all his pain or make it easier for him. ..calpol and nurofen and teething gels help just not as much as I’d hoped. It makes things worse because most of the time he will only settle with me….I know I’m enjoying the cuddles but I feel disconnected from others because I always seem to be settling my little boy, which goes faster when we’re  not near people. 

My poor husband, bless him,always says “wake me in the night when he wakes”. Yeah I’d love to but when it’s boob he wants,it’s not like I can milk my hubby!!!! So I don’t always see the point. I’ll wake him if the little monkey has been fed and just won’t go down, but it’s not that often. I know hubby feels slightly guilty because he gets more sleep,but then I feel as though he needs its more because he works! Yes I know looking after little one is work (with many more rewards) but I at least get to put my feet up more!!! (When grumpy baby allows!!!) 


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