Salt dough….disaster! 

Trying to remember the recipe for salt dough, (from my working in nurseries days) I eventually Googled it and thought I’d practice making some keepsakes with my little boy (aged 15 weeks). 

So obviously it had to be hand/foot prints right?!!! 

So I mixed up up,preheated the oven and when I’d got the disc shapes I wanted I got my little one over. Trying to keep his little hand out flat was a pain in the butt!!!  His foot…not a problem! !! 

So feeling quite pleased with myself I put the creations in the oven to bake…..I kept checking,and they were browning off quicker than I thought they would. I knew you had to bake them for 1-2 hours but at the rate they were baking they’d be burnt by then! !so I took them out to cool and was disappointed…They were rubbish!!! After letting them cool,I thought some paint might help….nope! So guess where they ended up…..yep! In the bin! !!! As you can see they’re no good! I realised my mistake later….I had the oven on too high!!!

Oh well just means I’ll have to try again!!!


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