Fruit cake…

So still trying to follow a loose diabetic diet, I wanted to try out some cake recipes!  I also want to find yummy alternatives for when my baby gets bigger.

So first on the list is a fruit cake!!! Considering it only had 4 ingredients it came out really well and tasted better than expected! !!

The picture doesn’t do it justice! !
So to make it I soaked 1kg of mixed fruit in 500ml of orange juice for 3 or so hours (mixing ocassionally, so all the fruit soaked up some juice!). 

I then mixed in 2 cups  (about 400g) of self raising flour and 1 tea spoon of mixed all spice.

It went lovely and gloopy! ! So spooning it into 2 of my bread loaf trays,I hoped it would come out ok!

Baked for 1 hour 10 mins at 140°c and left to cool. (Times will vary depending on your tins)

So have now got to hide it so hubby doesn’t eat it all in one go!!! 


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