“Back to mum”

The phrase “Back to mum” is really starting to annoy me! 

I understand friends and family don’t always want to hold/be near a crying grouchy child and they hand him back. But it does start to get to me when my little one will only settle with me, which seems to be the case at the minute.  (He’s been a bit under the weather )

So as much as I’m enjoying the cuddles it’s hard. And makes for long days and a sore back, as he likes to be high (he’s a nosey little boy!!) 

Urgh! Makes it hard to leave him for a couple of hours so I get some peace..I know it’s abit selfish and I do love my child but I do need a small break occasionally!  

After a couple of nights where his sleep has gone back to its normal pattern (please don’t jinx this!!) Hopefully he won’t be quite so clingy!

Fingers crossed x


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