new bedtime routine…

So last night my little boy Eddie went into his own room for the first time over night! i had a plan, i tried to stick to the plan…didn’t quite work out how i wanted but he spent the night in his room, and i struggled to sleep!

So they experts say that 4 months is the perfect time to start a nighttime routine, something to do with the way babies sleep changes? so we thought we’d give it ago!

My plan was to give Eddie a small amount of porridge at 7pm…he ate it but was very grumpy because he’d not long woken up. (he ended up having a later sleep than i wanted). then at 7:45 we put him in the bath..using night time bubble bath! still don’t know if it works but worth trying!! so then into pjs and a bottle of formula (hoping formula will fill him up a little bit more so he sleeps longer), given by daddy.

Then we tried self soothing…we tried and tried and gave up after 40 minutes!!! So we did what we normally do to get him to sleep and then put him in his cot for the night! that worked! he slept 4 hours straight! so gave him his first night feed (back to breast) and he went back off….then hit 2am and he was up periodically til 4, when he fed again and slept through til 6:30am, and i bought him into our bed because he was wide awake!!!! Overall i think it was a success, but will be persevering with self soothing!

I however struggled to sleep and seemed to be constantly watching the video monitor!!! it sounds silly but i know he needs his own room but i did miss having him in our room – not something i really expected. but i will enjoy the sleep when i get used to it!

I’m really hoping he gets this self sooth thing soon…lets see how tonight goes…




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