Bedtime routine update 

So the new bedtime routine is kinda working….

Doing porridge /bath/formula by 8pm is working and he seems to be sleep by 8:30pm (let’s hope that continues! ) 

But the whole self sooth thing, we’re struggling with. After his milk, I  put him in his cot, let him watch the musical mobile (hoping music association with sleeptime), put the eddie elephant nightlight on. Try stroking his face (normally helps put him to sleep),  hand on tummy/ or laying him o his side a gently rocking him. (He likes motion whether awake or asleep). But it’s not working, so still end up cuddling him.  I try and put him in semi asleep but it doesn’t always work. 

The during the night feeds seem fine,he eats then goes back to sleep! ! 

Positives are that he is at least in his own room all night! The routine seems to be working! Just got to keep working on self soothing. …

Dont get me wrong, we’ve always had a routine from the day we came home from hospital,  it just needed tweaking to get him in his own room! 

If this continues we might get part of our evenings back!! After all time together is important – not just sleeping as soon as our little sleeps!! 

Speaking of which…Night all x


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