Who the hell decided this was a good time to be up???Oh yeah,our 4 month old son! !! 

The little man has been really good about being in his own room! We’ve only had a couple of rough nights where he ended up back on our room (due to teething and jabs). 

But for some reason he wouldn’t settle very well last night.  We made it through til 3am (his second night feed) and he wouldn’t stay asleep when put down. He fall asleep on me and then I’d pit him down (usual routine) and normally he’d stay asleep,  but within 10 mins he was awake and crying again. After the 3rd time of doing this,hubby went in to try. Little man settled with him (we’ve been struggling with this), but 10mins later he was awake. So we gave up!! We  bought him into our room at 4:30 and the little monkey went to sleep in the swing crib in our room! 

Poor hubby had to be up at 5am for work.

So not really sure what’s going on with the little one,whe ther it’s just a bad night or if another tooth is coming. Which is typical as we were just getting our happy,smiley boy back after a bad week of grumpy uncontentness!  

Oh well cuppa tea time and chocolate will be needed for later!!!


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