Separation anxiety??

I think my 4 month old has separation anxiety already? I didn’t think that happened until 8 months or so?

Anyway in the last week or so my grumpy little baby has screamed when I leave the room and will only settle with me – not even with his dad, who could always settle him when I couldn’t.  This has put a strain on out relationship but we talk it through but it is upsetting. Hubby feels like baby doesn’t like or want him, when we know it’s not true and is just a phase.

I’m now at a loss on what to do for the best…hubby keeps trying…he helps everywhere he can (bath, feeds, play, bedtime  etc…) I try hard not to intervene, and we do leave Eddie with others, just as we always have. Also we stick to the same bedtime routine.

Really hoping this phase goes away soon, coz it’s heartbreaking at times. 


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