Relaxing at last

Finally relaxing on the bath after a long and tedious few days with our grumpy, teething little boy.

I had hoped after the first tooth cut that the rest wouldn’t be so bad when they came through…how wrong was I????? If anything this one is worse 😣! I just hope it cuts sooner rather than later!! I hate seeing him in pain and there’s only so much calpol and nurofen, teething gels and powders will do. I think the nights are the worst because he struggles to stay asleep in his cot by himself…he seems to relax and sleep better when he’s on me or daddy. 

And because he’s so out of sorts, he doesn’t always feed properly, which makes for sore nappies and engorged books 😥 not fun! 

We’ve also decided to start increasing get his formula bottle intake to wean him off the boob for when I have to go back to work. I’m doing it slowly so it’s not too much of a shock to his system…or mine! Although I am looking forward to having my boobs back to normal (kinda!). 

With hubby back on late shift I had to put the little man to bed and it seemed to take a lot longer than normal…I’m guessing this is because daddy wasnt here and so it’s a change of routine (with people). I’d been getting hubby to do it because we think Eddie had a bit of separation anxiety.  Seems to be working so I’m happier! 

Anyway I’m off to chill and sleep!


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