Getting back on normal?

Almost 5 months after the birth of our miracle baby, I think my body is finally settling into its new normal! I figure this as my lovely thick hair is coming out and going back to its prepregnacyness, my weight seems to have balanced out, a lot lower than the weight of was before falling pregnant .  And my final  and almost unwelcome sign is my monthly has made its appearance! sigh! 

So hopefully with the return of THAT, my lowered sex drive will hopefully get back to where it used to be! my poor hubby has been long suffering since I found out we were pregnant (my sex drive vanished). 

We will see if the monthly visitor is regular or still irregular , as per what I was with the pcos .  or if like some other things, the pregnant seems to have reset my hormonal/ body balance. time will tell!

Well I’ve had my little moan and wonder. going to try to sleep and catch up on what I haven’t had in mind week!!


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