Having a low day

As I’m having a low day and I just don’t  like it!

After having a couple of rubbish nights sleep with the little one,I finally get some sleep last night but it’s made things worse!!! doesn’t help he’s decided that 6am  is a great time to be wide awake!!! 

So I’ve got a sleeplessness headache….had one last week that turned into a 4 day migraine,and can’t take my usual tablets because I’m still breastfeeding! some days it’s just not fair!!! 

And it’s one of those times that I just want my body back to being mine!! as much as I love  my son and breast feeding, ( I’m having to wean him off ready for me to go back to work), now I’m feeding him less my boobs hurt more because they’re engorged!! and I’m fed up of it already!! 

On  a plus note, my little man is settling better with other people, which makes things easier! 

When my little monkey gives me his cheeky smile, the headache is worth it! but when he cries it’s like the end of the world for both of us and I feel like I can’t cope! I reached the point this morning that I told my hubby to take the little out with him to the shop and give me half an hours peace! …..but didn’t get a chance to sit down coz I ended up doing jobs that keep piling up! isn’t it always the way!!! 

Hopefully things will be better tomorrow !


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