Bad few days 

So on Friday night I went back to work  to babysit for the evening, leaving baby and hubby. So proud of my hubby for looking after Eddie and getting him to bed with no trouble! (It has been a worry because Eddie went through a stage of being clingy with me, but seems to be out of the worst of it!) admittedly I did keep looking at our baby cam to see my baby! 

So I ended up being back later than expected, (well past midnight) making me really tired. Eddie however, realising I was back (when I went in to do his usual night feed) was a monkey to put down….took us over an hour to settle him enough to sleep so when we put him down he he stayed! but he was up frequently after that. ..I think I only had about 3 or 4 hours sleep that night 😫. 

I managed to get a nap in Saturday afternoon , and really hoped for a better nights sleep! of course that didn’t happen….had the usual wake up feed about midnight….then he was up about half two….and wouldn’t go back to sleep for me so I tag teamed with hubby and he got him down! little monkey woke about half and hour later and I lost it! I’d been awake for about 2 hours by this point and no surviving on about 3 hours sleep. my hubby found me in tears, with Eddie because he wouldn’t sleep  (this is after leaving him awake in his cot to see if he’d go back to sleep on his own). like a champion he told me to go back to bed while he sat with our monkey. Come 5am the monkey was in our bed quite happy and sleepy! 

Not sure what’s going on there but telly hoping to sleep tonight!!! 


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