Can’t cope!

At half 3 this morning I was sitting on the edge of the bed in tears! my grumpy little boy was fighting sleep and had been for hours. every time I thought he was gone and went to put him down he woke up! hubby tried helping but it didn’t work for him either. 

Eddie ended up in our room to sleep…not how I wanted it to go! all I wanted was sleep. because Eddie has a cold and we think  another tooth coming he’s been unsettled in his sleep and grumpy in himself, which makes everything hard work!

Doesn’t help when I’m tired,the negativity kicks in. this time it was how I want my body back! just feels like it’s been someone else’s since I’ve been pregnant ! I’m stopping breast feeding and got my little one on formula during the  day  and breast at night. Sometimes I just want  my boobs to be my own without any other motive !

So having cuddles with my snotty little monkey! 


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