Stopped breastfeeding

I know the amount of people that will whinge and moan about this but do you know what…I breastfed for 5 and a half months!

I always said I would breastfeed for as long as I could or until little man a started weaning….well  he’s a hungry baby (like his dad!!!) and we started weaning him. I can’t get food into him quick enough!!! 

Also, I knew I would have to wean him onto bottles before I went back to work (which is january). I introduced the bottle when Eddie was about around month old. I know this seemed early but I believe it was best around so he had no trouble going between breast and bottle (bottle had breast milk in obviously !).

After a few months we began to introduce formula…small amounts to get him used  to it.

We weaned Eddie off the breast completely over a few weeks ,slowly replacing one feed at at time with the bottle. I left changing night feeds till last because I thought they would be difficult.  As it turns out it was easier than I thought, the last couple of nights of me breast feeding I felt that my milk just wasn’t quite enough. 

I was lucky that Eddie never bit me whilst feeding,although his teeth scraping by accident wasn’t pleasant! 

So just waiting now for my milk to dry up and then I can go and get measured for bras…can’t wait to go back into pretty bras!!!!! 


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