Back to work blues 

So it dawned on me that I go back to work in a couple of weeks….I have mixed feelings about this and the biggest one is sadness. 

I know it will benefit Eddie to be with other children and grown ups,he will learn some things easier being with others away from us! (He will be with a childminder 3 afternoons a week)

He will have amazing quality time with daddy as well! I think they will have lots of fun together!!

I think it will be an adjustment for us all, Eddie getting ready for new people, me going back to work and not having Eddie, daddy and family time almonds much. 

I’m lucky that it will only be afternoons I go but I still feel guilty that I have to leave my baby. I’m gonna miss the sleepy cuddles and movie time! 

Although it will be nice to have a proper wage coming in because maternity pay is absolutely rubbish!! So we can start planning some awesome days out next year!!! And as a plus Eddie will be old enough to enjoy things more! 

Hoping it will offset the guilt…love my cheeky monkey and hubby! 

Looking forward to Christmas and is hoping it will be amazing…think a certain little boy will be very spoilt!!! 


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