Back to work today…

It’s gonna be an emotional guilt ridden day today as I’m back to work after having my gorgeous baby boy!

Trying to work out the headache of childcare to wrap around my work….I think we have it all sorted!! He will be going to family some days and a childminder the others. 

Feel guilty for having to go back to work but maternity pay is rubbish! I’m lucky that I only work afternoons so still get time with my baby and hubby!

I know he will do well in childcare because of the social learning that I struggle with.  Eddie will hopefully get the best of both worlds…family and outside care!

I’m still nervous about starting work again after 8 months off…I’ve missed the children I look after  (I’m a nanny). So it’s a new routine all round! 

Fingers crossed I don’t cry too much…
I’ll update later on how it went!

things seemed to go ok today…but nothing beats the smiles and cuddles I got from Eddie when I walked through the door! 

Night all x


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