Back to work day 2…

Today seems worse than yesterday….and the guilt is so much more!

It was Eddie’s first day with the childminder…he went in fine and was very curious (just me panicking!). Tried very hard not to ring to check up on him but failed after 2 and a half hours…apparently he had been fine up until a few minutes before I rang! Sods law! Poor thing he is cutting teeth and had big changes on who looks after him! But he seems to be doing well and settled again after I’d rung. I know I’m a worrying mummy!! I always knew I would be, no matter how much you mentally prepare. Still feeling guilty for having to leave my baby but I know it will do him good! 

I know we chose our childminder well,they seem to use the same kind of ethics I want to instill into Eddie! And we had great recommendations them! (Two ladies who work as a team!). 

On the plus side, work seems to be going well,we are  starting to settle into a routine,which is good!! It’s just a case of getting used to each other again!


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