DIY teepee tent!

So the hubby and I made a chill out teepee tent for our almost 7 month old. Having to live on a budget can be hard but Eddie never goes without! 

We started looking at children’s tents and I realised we could make one for the fraction of the price being sold!

We had an old gazebo so we got the frame and used some of the poles to create our structure.

I then grabbed an old double duvet cover and placed it over the structure.  We then created a door. I found and unused single quilt and cover to create a soft bed type base. Using a few spare pillows and Eddie’s soft toys we have created a chillout/nap area!! 

Our little one couldn’t wait to try it out!! And of course we created it big enough so an adult can be in there with him!

Over time I will get some more pillows or cushions for this and I want to get some battery powered fairy lights to help the chillout image! 

In time I may make another covering but this will do for now.


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