Had a can’t cope day yesterday….

Back to yesterday…..sat on the bed at 5am in tears because my little one wouldn’t stay asleep when put down šŸ˜­. We know he’s been teething (top teeth came in) and got a cold with it,so been dosing the poor boy up to help manage the pain and grumpiness. Works during the day, not so much at night! He seems to be waking every hour and a half to two hours for the last 5 night,so none of us were getting any sleep! And I just could take it. Bless my hubby,he gave me a cuddle, wrapped me up in the quilt and went to get our little one to bed (and he managed it where I’d been failing for an hour!!!!). 

And then last night when taking the work children to swimming lessons I got a flat…normally not a problem but the spare didn’t find the car!!! Sods law!!so ended up with the AA coming out (luckily a local man!) And he managed to get it so I could go home (their universal tyres are not so universal….my car  one of the few it won’t fit!!!) So was 8pm till I got home, had to get my dad to pick up my baby due bring him home (hubby was at work). 

We had a slightly better night but I realised this morning he had a 3rd tooth  aswell…so that’s 3 teeth in 3 weeks and another trying to break through!!! So no wonder my poor baby is as grumpy as me!!!! I hope this one cuts soon because I want my happy baby back!! 

Still just want to break down and cry! But having to plod on as always!


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