Strawberry and blueberry cakes

So I wanted to try out my new silicone cake tray  and decided to make strawberry and blueberry cakes! Sorry it’s not a sugar free one this time but I will experiment with the recipe later!

So I mixed 100g of sugar  and 100g of butter, added 2 eggs and then mixed in 100g of self raising flour. 

I put a blob of mixture in each cake hole.

I blended down 100g of mixed strawberry and blueberries (i used frozen as that’s all I had – I did defrost them first though!!!)

I then put a blob on the mixture in each cake hole hole (hoping it would rise around the fruit but no luck!!!).

These went into the oven at 175°c for about 20 minutes. 

They came out looking funky but they taste great!!!! 
Next time I think I may layer the two mixtures….


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