When your good just isn’t good enough…

So after a horrible stressful week a takeout and bottle of wine was what the doctor ordered!

So last Monday my tyre went on the car causing me to he late picking my little boy up from the family member who had him  for the afternoon whole I was at work.  This family member has now decided that it’s too much to have my little boy on mondays (now have to put him in either our brilliant childminder for an extra session). This upset me as they had only trailed it for 3 weeks and I feel they let me down when things got bad  πŸ˜”.

As my tyre went  we asked if a friend would lend us a tyre for a few days and that didn’t pan out. They offered to pay for a tyre which was generous but not quite the help we needed and they are now not talking to us….

New tyre sorted quickly… thankfully!

My dad and his girlfriend upset me as they mentioned maybe I should get a job and little closer to home…which I said I’d  think about. They then decided to “find” me a job which I had to ring and say I wasn’t interested…..I know they acted out of best interest but I’d  only just gone back to my job and after maternity leave and I am just not ready to change jobs….I barely have my head around being back at work and leaving my baby. I trying not to take offence….

On the plus side my baby is furniture cruising far too early!! And being rather cheeky!!!  But still giving the best snuggles!!! 

And to top it off I’ve been stress bleeding for 3 weeks…if it carries on till next week I think I’ll go back to the doctors 😣
So to combat this I’ve been trying to chill abit more (I’ve just finished watching the gilmore girls  on Netflix…which I throughly enjoyed!!!) I’ve decided to try my hand at crochet…I’m hoping being a little creative will take the edge off abit….

My poor hubby has been very understanding and supportive and I love him very much! Him and my son are the only things keeping me going at times . Love them both lots and lots!! And my supportive family too x


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