Ah sleep how I’ve missed you!!

After 5 weeks of bad nights with a teething, snotty, grumpy baby we finally had a half decent nights sleep! We only had 2 get ups, one at 1am and a bottle at 4am and he woke up about 7:30am!! This is a massive improvement on the every 1-2 hours that we had been having! 

But of course I’m so used to waking up after short amounts of sleep,I think I was waking every 2 hours or so checking on the little man! Luckily we have a video monitor in his room, so it’s easy to keep an eye on him!! 

When I went through to him after he did his morning grump and what sounds like “mumumumum” I found him stood in he corner of his cot waiting for me with after big grin on his face!! 

A nice way to start the day!


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