It’s been a while

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted….it’s been a strange couple of weeks! 

So I think I managed to calm down and get all the little disasters sorted! That’s been a pain but we all get through! 

Anyway this week has been half term for the family that I nanny for, which means doing more hours to cover the kids not being at school. When I went back to work I managed to negotiate working 3 and a half days in the school holidays…which is what I’ve done (just on the final couple of hours!) The full days have been really hard as it’s 11 hours plus travelling. My little boy has been with my husband all week and I think it’s been a bit of a learning curve for them both!!!! I also think my hubby realised how much I sometimes have to get up with Eddie….after we had a small argument in the early hours of the morning, earlier this week! This is where I said I couldn’t do everything also frees I was struggling and hoped he would do more of the night shift as I had to be at work. It seemed to go better after that!

I took the kids at work to planet bounce which was interesting! It’s a load of trampolines set out on the floor and part way up the walls at an andngle, with soft stuff in between so no one can get hurt. The boys loved it!!!!

We took our little monkey to an indoor soft play to see how he would get on. He seems to enjoy it – lots of things to climb on and do! He slept well after that!!!!

Anyway to try and keep me a little sane at work I took my crochet in. I had a single ball and started to pattern a granny square but I’m just going to our carry on until the wool runs out. I’ll then decide whether to leave it at its size or keep adding to it!( when I learn how!!!) Here’s a picture of my progress.. 

Hope you’ve all enjoy your weekend! I’ll try but I don’t think my little boy will let me!!!


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