Busy week….

So I’ve had a busy week…my little monkey has his 8 month progress check with the health visitor. It went really well. I had to fill out a questionnaire on stuff he can or cannot do and he can do all of it…my baby is growing and learning far too quickly!!!! I was surprised to learn he can have full fat milk in his porridge, so we tried that and it went down well!!!

I’ve not been well (hence the lack of posts), I’ve had an eye infection which is now clearing way for a cold 😣 I just can’t win with illness at the moment! I finally have my appetite back after not really eating for 2 days! 

Work has been busy as usual, the boys I look after there are also growing too fast!!! they had progress reports from school saying that they are both doing well and seem more chilled about things since the start of the new term….happens to be around the time I went back to work…..so I must be doing something right???

Not to mention blocked roads due to fallen trees….took me nearly 3 times as long to get the kids home from school one day! 

I haven’t made as much progress on my blanket as I hoped but it’s coming along nicely!


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