Let’s see how long this lasts….

So getting my little one into a bedtime routine was fairly easy most days! We do bottle and bed between 7:30 and 8pm, which seems to work well.  He was then waking every 4-6 hours for and bottle, which again was fine and gaining normal. We then had a bad month of teething which was horrid!! 

This week however has been strange for us….he was going to bed as normal, waking about 11:30/midnight for a cuddle and then sleeping through till 5am (yay!!!) However it’s now gone 7am and he’s still asleep and I’m wide awake!!!!!!! typical isn’t it??!!!!  

It would be nice if this is his new sleep pattern but we shall see! We seem to get patterns of 3 days then it changes! 


One thought on “Let’s see how long this lasts….

  1. I always suspected that when my children were babies that it was part of their master plan – keep momma sleep deprived and constantly addled, then put on their absolutely most precious cute face to manipulate momma’s emotions – and then success when they’ve achieved complete household domination before they were 2! 😀

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