That husband of mine….!!!

I love my husband and he’s taken up crocheting with me….after I’d finished my granny square blanket he decided he was going to make one too. He found some lovely looking wool and started crocheting. He was using a size 8 hook, so the weave was bigger and used 2 balls of wool to create something slightly bigger than mone. And the cheeky sod finished the blanket in 2 days. 2 DAYS!!!!!! 

I’m proud of him for doing it but a tiny bit annoyed because it took me ages to finish mine! 

And of course our little one loved it as it was so soft!


One thought on “That husband of mine….!!!

  1. What fun!! I taught my husband to crochet back before we were married – when I took over the blanket he was making I ended up having to frog the whole thing – his stitches were so tight I could barely get the hook in! That’s how I knew he was a keeper – he asked me to show him how just because he knew how much I loved it – he has thankfully not picked up a hook again other than when I ask him to hand me one! 😀

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