So we had a belated mother’s day for my other half’s stepmum on Sunday.  We ended up in a micropub near a train station in wellingborough. (I was on soft drinks as I was driving.)  Eddie was well behaved and was giving everyone cheeky smiles while we were there! He also had lots of cuddles with granny!! And saw the trains.  By the time the micropub closed (at 4pm as it was a sunday) the bartender said to us that Eddie was a really good baby and not whiney at all! I felt all little proud, I must admit!

From what I gather the reason behind these kind words are that another family regularly pops in with a 1 year old, who spends the whole time whinging and the parents don’t do much/if anything to settle the little one.  It’s sad when that happens. 

And my in laws also said we were doing a great job raising him and he’s a very happy child! (Which he is when not teething!!) It’s nice to hear that, especially when you end up second and third guessing every decision you make and wonder if your getting anything right!!!  


2 thoughts on “Compliment…

  1. It is always nice to hear that you’re doing a good job parenting! Especially from strangers! You should be very proud – what a wonderful extra Mother’s day gift it must have been to hear that! 😀

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