Saturday morning….

Up far too early because of a certain little monkey! Sigh!!

So I’ve had this week off and to be honest I haven’t done much, had quality time with hubby and not so little baby, caught up with family and didn’t get round to doing half the jobs I wanted to do! Oh well! Making memories is more important! 

Today we are off to a wedding where my dad’s partner is bridesmaid and my little brother (who’s 8) is page boy….should be an interesting day! Hubby will be smart in his suit, Eddie will look great in his checked shirt and jeans…and I’ll be in a dress….help!!!! 

Hubby has been on late shift this week so after I put Eddie to bed I started a little project…

My little uneven, mismatched bunny! Undecided weather to add a face, hubby likes it without! When in started crocheting my goal was to try and make an animal…think I need to keep trying!!!

Happy easter weekend everyone!


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