Long week

Last week was the second week of half term and I was back to work! After having a up and down week before I wasn’t looking forward to the long hours half term brings at work! I had to take Eddie with me so looking after the 3 boys was a little bit of a challenge but I managed!

It didn’t help that the husbands scooter broke (again!!!) And we had to take him to work for 6am, so it mad either an even longer week 😦 thankfully it’s fixed now….let’s hope it stays fixed!!!

However I did manage to try a different bunny pattern 

There are aspects of both patterns I like and don’t like so was debating whether to create something using the bits I like from each pattern….not sure if I’m brave enough yet!!!! 

I’m trying to create a crochet basket at the minute and it’s turning out smaller than I’d like…oh well practice it is….!

Let’s see how this week goes!! Have a lovely week everyone!! 

UPDATE! so here’s the finished basket…smaller than I thought it would be and the handles were a pain, but I guess it turned out ok.


One thought on “Long week

  1. I think this bunny is really cute too. I made a basket by accident once – I think I was trying to make a throw rug but missed some stitches somewhere and the sides curled up. Practice makes perfect, or practice makes something you didn’t even expect!! 😀

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