How time flies!

How time flies!

This time last year we were waiting (not so) patiently for our little boy to make an appearance! We gone through the joy of (finially) finding out we were pregnant and the shock of my husband having a battery exploding in his pocket, causing enough damage for him to have a skin graft.  (Its healed and much better now). My mother passing away (not much emotion as she had given me up as a toddler). And a whole range of emotions and feelings and reaction that goes along with pregnancy!!! I was lucky had a relatively problem free time! I enjoyed pretty much of it! I think my biggest issue with pregnancy was that it killed my sex drive 😦  to be honest it still hasnt fully returned. Having eddie has made our relationship stronger and we are both loving it! Our dreams had finally started to come true and reality was starting to sink in!

And we were booked in for me to be induced on 15th june.

So our plans are small for Eddie’s 1st birthday…we will go visiting family and friends over the course of the weekend! There are several reasons for this and the main ones being that I don’t want him over shelled and I want him to have quality time with everyone! We can’t agree on which cake to get him…thomas the tank engine or paw patrol!

Hope fully I will have finished another crochet animal by the weekend!

Oh well if best get going…need to drop Eddie at nursery and then go to work! At least it’s not raining yet! Enjoy your day!


One thought on “How time flies!

  1. Time really seems to flow differently after you have a baby. That was an awful lot of stressful situations you had going on while you were pregnant. So fortunate that the pregnancy went smoothly. Now you will be marking off the calendar in baby firsts – first steps, first words, first everything. Then before you know it you’ll be keeping track of the days by school schedules, sporting events, and homework assignments. It goes by very quickly – enjoy every minute of it!! 😀

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