Last term before the summer…..

Well it’s shaping up to be a busy term! Why do schools always cram everything into the last 6 weeks before the summer holidays???!!! I’m sure they do it to drive us up the wall!!!! It’s the same at Christmas except they cram it into 2 weeks before they break this is when my works get a busy and I try to fit everything in and find theres not enough hours in the day!

I’m lucky now the boys I nanny for are older and are really good with my son!

I just find the boys get tearful with everything that has to be fitted in. With all the extra school stuff, they also have swimming lessons and are gearing up to do grade 1 and 2 piano exams! 

And there’s school fetes on at my little brothers school… unfortunately I missed his sports day because I had my Ofsted inspection (bug sigh but at least I passed).

Anyway I’m trying to get ready for my little boys first birthday, I’ll post again soon!! 


One thought on “Last term before the summer…..

  1. It’s true! They have all year to do things but seem to save it all up for the last minute! My youngest daughter is graduating high school here in the US this week and I don’t know what I’ll do with all of my free time now! Probably crochet a lot!! 😀

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