snow day 

so my son saw the snow for the first time today!!!

we wrapped him in his new all in one coat and new wellies and I opened the door to show him the snow….his wow face was so adorable! he was so excited!!!

we let him trundle around and he didn’t fall like I thought he would! 


my hubby and son…

I love my husband and son to bits….but I also love their relationship. 

So I get the usual early wakeup from Eddie and trundle through and give him a bottle of milk (with the hopes he will go back to sleep for another hour!)…..yeah right who am I kidding??!!! two minutes after getting comfy in bed he starts again. so I trundle back through (husband is still snoring) and give him a cuddle, realising my poor boy is soaked (I guess the  bottle went straight through) and strip him and change him…all the while screaming blue murder! so in the clean nappy I give him big cuddles wrapped in his snuggle blanket but no luck, he’s still crying his poor little heart out. so I pick him up, grab a vest and go through to our room (husband finially awake!) he takes him while we quickly wrestle the vest on him so he doesn’t get cold.  my hubby cuddles him and within minutes our little one has calmed down! sods law! 

I love how they are together (although a tiny bit jealous that i couldn’t settle him that quickly!) 

he’s defiantly a daddy’s boy  at the minute!!! oh well! 

Anyway I love my boys


hey everyone hope you are all well?

I’ve been down with a cough and cold that won’t go away! I’ve had a grumpy little monster….im sure its the full moon  making him worse! lol!

UPDATE: on the bear competition I entered……..

I came 4th! (2 votes off being 3rd!) I’m proud of that as it’s better than I thought I’d do! and it was my first competition! maybe next year I’ll do better! all money raised was for our hospitals dementia ward….so far I think they’ve raised £250! 

So anyway another Christmas present made (just need to get it lined)…. a bag for my nan! didn’t really follow a pattern, so another make it up as I go along! lol! 

I think it turned out quite well! 

Anyway enjoy your day…..its raining here…


today I feel like I’m failing. failing at everything. I keep having to say no to my son, his curiosity and inquisitiveness  is getting the better of me. he is into everything he shouldn’t be (something he does when he is tired and grumpy). so after fighting with him for nearly 2 hours he went to sleep…for all of 20 minutes.  now I’m back to square one! none of the usual tricks are working so I have a crying grumpy head strong boy 😢 So feeling like a worse mother than usual and crying along with him.

I know it’s probably because I didn’t get enough sleep last night. having babysat for work, taking nearly an hour to get home due to road works and piss poor diversion directions. I was grumpy and upset. my husband had been particularly unhelpful (not entirely his fault, he just doesn’t think). 

I just can’t seem to concentrate on much….even tea and chocolate isn’t helping!

I feel like I’m a broken record talking to a brick wall….and getting about as much response!!!  

oh well I’ll just keep going til bedtime.  enjoy your day

this week

so I’ve been enjoying family time this week! (no camping this time!!!).

We took Eddie swimming which was fun! he was unsure to start with, but is slowing getting there! 

My poor car failed it’s MOT so we are waiting for it to be fixed……really hoping to get it back by monday when ibhave to go back to work! 

My mother in law crocheted  Eddie a jumper and gave me the rest of the wool to make something…so I ended up doing him a hat and scarf and a corner….almost a shawl for one of his bears!

please excuse  the faces…..its fast becoming the ‘stop taking photos mummy’ !!! 

Hope you all enjoy your day!


Hi sorry for being quiet, between illness and work being on half term I feel like ive had no time.

So Eddie is still cutting teeth, he seems to do several within a couple of weeks 😣 and he has been  a grumpy boy (trying to steal my title!!) Lol!

My husband as finially been taken on by the company he is working for on agency! 

I’ve managed to make a bear for a local competition  to raise money for the dementia wars at our local hospital! I handed my entry in this morning.

I’m not overly happy with it, i struggled with the pattern but it’s done and that’s it! It’s supposed to be a bear but in think it looks more like a mouse!Oh well!

Hope you are all enjoying the rain! I’m not…im still drying out from taking the kids puddle jumping Yesterday! 

Corner to corner

Morning! So after suffering with a migraine this week I wanted to keep crocheting but with something that didn’t need much concentration. After going through YouTube for a bit I came across the corner to corner  blanket. 

My nan gave me a bag of wool so I thought I’d use some of that! 

This blanket, once you get going is nice and easy to make! 

It is only small….kind of a car seat or pram blanket (or a doll blanket). But I like it! It’s about 21 inches square.  

Also I thought it would be nice for a break from making Christmas presents, my hopenis for next year to be able to sell some of my items so ingress this is my first piece of ‘stock!’ 

Anyway enjoy your Sunday!