too much wool?

one of my local wool shops is closing down, so me and my MIL went to get some bargains…and boy did we! between us we ended up with 4 carrier bag fulls…

I picked up some wool to try and got on quite well with it so I think I’ll be going back this weekend! (they are only opening Saturdays til the end of march)

I managed to make these…. a snood

and a c2c

sorry the pictures aren’t great.

so all my other projects have been put on hold for a few days 😣 I don’t like leaving things part done.

oh well


Ellie the elephant

so my boss wanted an elephant making, and it had to be bigger than the size I normally make…..

she turned out well I think! I used Edwards menagerie book again, slightly tweaking the pattern again. she used more balls of wool than I originally thought she would (just under 4 balls of Nepal wool) and turned out bigger than I was expecting! all I did was use a hook size bigger than recommended! lol

just hope my boss likes it….

crochet hats

well I was going to have a grump about some hats that i made but I’m not going to now. the story is….a family member requested a couple of hats, which I made. after I’d finished realised they came up a bit small but I took them to her anyway and said I was doing 2 more in a bigger size. (I thought she understood what I’d said….) anyway she took these hats to her friends who said they liked the design and feel of the wool bit they were too small. so I said id have them back and swap for the 2 new ones of made. I then got a phone call this morning saying she’d sold the 2 smaller hats for £5 for the two! I shouldn’t complain but that amount just covers the cost of the wool, but I don’t think the family member realised that. oh well.

I made a sale!

here’s a picture of the 2 new hats (I forgot to take pictures of the others 😫)

it’s the same style hat that can be worn 2 different ways, nice and easy! (the other two were blue and green)