hey everyone hope you are all well?

I’ve been down with a cough and cold that won’t go away! I’ve had a grumpy little monster….im sure its the full moon  making him worse! lol!

UPDATE: on the bear competition I entered……..

I came 4th! (2 votes off being 3rd!) I’m proud of that as it’s better than I thought I’d do! and it was my first competition! maybe next year I’ll do better! all money raised was for our hospitals dementia ward….so far I think they’ve raised £250! 

So anyway another Christmas present made (just need to get it lined)…. a bag for my nan! didn’t really follow a pattern, so another make it up as I go along! lol! 

I think it turned out quite well! 

Anyway enjoy your day…..its raining here…


this week

so I’ve been enjoying family time this week! (no camping this time!!!).

We took Eddie swimming which was fun! he was unsure to start with, but is slowing getting there! 

My poor car failed it’s MOT so we are waiting for it to be fixed……really hoping to get it back by monday when ibhave to go back to work! 

My mother in law crocheted  Eddie a jumper and gave me the rest of the wool to make something…so I ended up doing him a hat and scarf and a corner….almost a shawl for one of his bears!

please excuse  the faces…..its fast becoming the ‘stop taking photos mummy’ !!! 

Hope you all enjoy your day!

Corner to corner

Morning! So after suffering with a migraine this week I wanted to keep crocheting but with something that didn’t need much concentration. After going through YouTube for a bit I came across the corner to corner  blanket. 

My nan gave me a bag of wool so I thought I’d use some of that! 

This blanket, once you get going is nice and easy to make! 

It is only small….kind of a car seat or pram blanket (or a doll blanket). But I like it! It’s about 21 inches square.  

Also I thought it would be nice for a break from making Christmas presents, my hopenis for next year to be able to sell some of my items so ingress this is my first piece of ‘stock!’ 

Anyway enjoy your Sunday!

Winging it…!

Sorry ban pun!

So the next gift I made was an owl basket. First time I’ve made something without using a pattern. 

I think it turned out well, the bit I’m not happy with is on the inside,the back of the beak. I just don’t know what to do about it as I don’t want to use a lining. Oh well.

Anyway enjoy your day!

Hat and scarf

So I made my father in law a hat and scarf set for Christmas…

I love the way this wool comes up when its made! I did the same style design and the little set I made (just scaled up). I’ve kept it simple and think it looks ok. Just hoping he will like it!! 

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Men’s neck scarf

So I’ve finially made the other half to the hubbys orange hat….a neck scarf for when he’s riding his scooter! 

Sorry he’s an unwilling model! 
I kept it simple…. I used the scarf pattern I used for my friends little one, and did it wider and longer then sewed it up for form a cowl type item! 

Enjoyvthe rest of your Sunday!


Just a quick post to show you a Christmas gift I’ve made for some friends of ours!

My hubby picked the colours and I made them up! I’ll admit I’m not sure on the colours and when I put the pink one together it reminded me of strawberries and cream!!!! Oh well!

I used the pattern out of Edwards menagerie, but with the tweaked ear pattern….especailly after hubby comments on the last bunny I made! (See post from 25 may 2017) 

Enjoy your Evening!