Holiday time…

So after a busy few weeks at work with the summer holidays we’ve just had a lovely week as a family.

To start with Eddie started walking properly and we got him some lovely boots to wear….although it was funny watching him space walk when he first had his shoes on! 

We also went camping in Norfolk for 4 nights (that’s my limit!) We had a lovely time, we met my grandparents at the beach which was nice, as we don’t get to see them much. It was also Eddie’s first time at the seaside! We also took him to a seaside centre which was brilliant! We also saw a few miniature trains and had to go ride on them! Everyone Eddie saw a train he went “choo choo”! Was lovely to hear!

And to top off out family week we went to  a friend’s wedding! Eddie was bopping to the music on the dance floor!it was so cute to watch!!!

I haven’t made much crochet this week…well I started what for my Hubble but I’m not keen on it so I think it will be a do over 😫 oh well!

Enjoy your evening x

Eeyore number 2….

So I had a rare afternoon to myself so I decided to make my MIL an eeyore (as the other one wasn’t eeyore enough!!) 

He came out small but it’s definitely a hit!!

As usual I followed someone on you tube. I found her video hard to follow but I followed her written pattern ok. Eeyore came out ok so I’m Happy!

Enjoy your evening

Catch up

So I’m sat here at planet bounce, while the boys I look after are jumping around like lunatics and I’m bored!the music is too loud and the bad way too high!!!but the kids are having fun so that’s all that counts!!!!

I’m wondering here the first week of the summer holidays have gone already!!! Last week the kids at work completed their stage one and two in sailing!while me and Eddie had some lovely walks around Rutland water (when it wasn’t raining!!) 

Eddie is still loving nursery, they took the kids out for afternoon tea the other day which he enjoyed!the nursery nurse told me he sat really well at the table while they were eating…i laughed and said it’s because food was involved!!! (He loves his food!!) 

We also had a friend’s summer now which was lovely and it was nice to catch up with people….although some I could have done without seeing but you know what it’s like!!!

We also celebrated my partners dad’s birthday a little early, as he’s 65 this week but going away for his birthday!

My little brother also finially got diagnosed with being on the autistic spectrum…after 4 years of hospital visits and professionals coming out to the school and lots of observations and reports! So i need to read up on that abit, althoigh much of what can be done to help him is already being done! although we will see how often he uses it as an excuse not to do something! 

It’s been a while

Hi everyone!sorry I’ve been AWOL for the last few weeks….ive just realised my last post didn’t post 😣 oh well. 

So we’ve had a busy few weeks… little boy turned one!!! And the celebrations seemed to go on for days!! As we have a big family we decided to visit each place so they could have quality time with him and not fight for attention.  This worked well as we did it over a few days,poor boy was overwhelmed and it was very hot that weekend too!

Here he is with his great-pap!

We’ve also been camping again…it went much better this time! We went back to the farm and had fun again! There was a minitures steam rally there aswell so that added something different!

We also went to see thomas the tank engine train at nene  valley and went on a train ride (husband is into trains!) To Peterborough and looked at the model railway place there. Both my boys fell asleep on the way back….maybe something to do with the 5am wakeup call we’ve been having all week!!!

Work has been manic, trying tonget organised for September and havungvthe run of sports days,music evenings,progress reports….ect….you know what it’s like! Both boys are doing brilliantly! And the eldest one got a head teachers award for being the politest boy in school!! (My nagging paid off !!!) 

Summer holidays start next week,so in have 3 weeks of chaos before my break!my hours have gone long so it will be fun…. feels like returning to zombieland!!!Lol
I’ve also made a ‘healing wrap/scarf’ although the pattern is lovely I’m disappointed in it. It came up short and just not quite right. I think its because I didn’t use the same wool as the pattern ( but lions gate wool is expensive….£10 per ball and you need 2) and the other reason, the pattern requires a loose stitch and I struggled with that.  Anyway here’s a picture of it.

It ended up being 19inches wide by 55inches long. The pattern on  YouTube looked amazing but I now think it’s almost all down to the wool.

If i make it again I think I’ll just do it straight, with no decrease.  At least I tried.
I hope you all enjoy your day…we have sunshine, so we will make the most of it!


Morning everyone! 

My latest make is a eeyore style crochet donkey! My mother in law is a eeyore fan so I thought I’d try to make one (kind of!) 

I found some lovely mixed grey wool and hoped it would come out Ok!

What do you Think?

And the back for the bow!

The tail turned out a bit shorter than the pattern suggests but I didn’t think it was too bad for a 1st attempt!

Anyway enjoy the sunshine!

Update: it wasn’t eeyore enough so I need to make another one!

Last term before the summer…..

Well it’s shaping up to be a busy term! Why do schools always cram everything into the last 6 weeks before the summer holidays???!!! I’m sure they do it to drive us up the wall!!!! It’s the same at Christmas except they cram it into 2 weeks before they break this is when my works get a busy and I try to fit everything in and find theres not enough hours in the day!

I’m lucky now the boys I nanny for are older and are really good with my son!

I just find the boys get tearful with everything that has to be fitted in. With all the extra school stuff, they also have swimming lessons and are gearing up to do grade 1 and 2 piano exams! 

And there’s school fetes on at my little brothers school… unfortunately I missed his sports day because I had my Ofsted inspection (bug sigh but at least I passed).

Anyway I’m trying to get ready for my little boys first birthday, I’ll post again soon!! 

Week off

So I’ve had a lovely week off with the hubby and little one! The weather has been good enough to burn my shoulders (oops!) And we’ve had the odd wet day. 

We decided to try camping for a mini break…that was an interesting couple of days! I’m not a big camper so I said to limit it to one night…also not knowing how Eddie would be. I found a farm that also had camping. So we pitched up and had a lovely day at sacrewell farm! Lots to do and see so we were kept busy!

Whilst pitching up we discovered that the tent we borrowed hadn’t got any sleeping compartments 😣 so we ended up having a cold night. Eddie didn’t sleep great so none of us did! Urgh. Next morning after a very early breakfast we packed up and went to go to a railway place that houses a thomas the tank engine…..closed for a private function. The second place we tried was also shut…..apparently the keyholder was AWOL….we were all really grumpy by this point! So we headed to oakham, a historical town I know and did  the touristy thing! 

We had a poorly Eddie on Friday, so we ended up having a cuddly day….and he bounced back enough in time to help celebrate my sister in laws birthday yestersay!  (Just a meal out!) ….

You know what it’s like when you go shopping too much…well we managed to find a bargain ! I was thinking of making an advent calender for the little one at Christmas (yes I know it’s early). I was thinking of getting some thomas the tank minis (can you see a theme here?!!lol) and other smallish items to use instead of chocolate.  The minis usually retail at £2 and I found some at 69p! I couldn’t leave them there!! So I picked up a dozen to start with! Luckily I didn’t double up! 

I’ve also started to make some crocheted Christmas presents (found a lovely wool shop in oakham…) I’d better get a wriggle on and get them done!!! 

Hope you’ve all had a great half term and it’s back to reality (work) tomorrow!!!