too much wool?

one of my local wool shops is closing down, so me and my MIL went to get some bargains…and boy did we! between us we ended up with 4 carrier bag fulls…

I picked up some wool to try and got on quite well with it so I think I’ll be going back this weekend! (they are only opening Saturdays til the end of march)

I managed to make these…. a snood

and a c2c

sorry the pictures aren’t great.

so all my other projects have been put on hold for a few days 😣 I don’t like leaving things part done.

oh well


mean mummy, taking Eddie’s dummy away

so I’m feeling like a mean mummy at the moment…. as my little boy is nearly 20 months, and both me and my hubby are off work for a week, we decided it’s time for our boy to lose his dummy. (we thought it was best when we had time off so if the nights were bad we didn’t have to struggle with work the next day!)

for a few weeks he has been biting his dummies and breaking them and naturally not wanting it as much. it’s sort of down to sleep time and grumpy time!

so after not having his dummy for most of the day we decided to try cold turkey and just not give it to him after his bedtime milk. he cried for a couple of minutes but then rolled over quietly. after a few minutes he sat up and started to play in his cot….this pattern continued for half an hour or so then he went to sleep! fingers crossed…..

UPDATE: day/night 2

still doing ok without his dummy. woke a couple of times but that was due to coughing more than anything…


bedtime now seems to include Eddie playing a little in his cot before going to sleep. which is ok at least he’s not crying! he has only looked for his dummy once since we took it away, so I’m happy.

throw away january

So it’s coming to the end of January and I’m coming to the conclusion of discarding this month!

I didn’t see the point of trying to loose the weight I’ve gained since going back to work, when there’s still chocolate and yummy treats in the house! (not that I buy many but we get them as gifts) so I figure eat them in January and start to loose weight in February!

I also want better finances this year, but I find January can be a bit tight budget wise. So I made my plans this month ready to implement come February 1st!

There’s also lots of new things I want to make this year…but I’ve already started that! (star blanket) I will show these as they get made, as normal!

January is also a bit of a trying month for me. it’s the aftermath of Christmas and starting a new year. I always get a bit down and out of sorts. it’s also the month when my biological mother past away (2nd anniversary this year) and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. having not grown up with her, only the stories of how she mistreated my dad and didn’t want me. although I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s the knowledge of why she did what she did that I regret. oh well.

on a happier note hubby is doing well at work (and still enjoying it!) and our son is growing up far too fast! and will be moving up to the next room at nursery soon. he’s having taster sessions and loving it!