Long week

Last week was the second week of half term and I was back to work! After having a up and down week before I wasn’t looking forward to the long hours half term brings at work! I had to take Eddie with me so looking after the 3 boys was a little bit of a challenge but I managed!

It didn’t help that the husbands scooter broke (again!!!) And we had to take him to work for 6am, so it mad either an even longer week 😦 thankfully it’s fixed now….let’s hope it stays fixed!!!

However I did manage to try a different bunny pattern 

There are aspects of both patterns I like and don’t like so was debating whether to create something using the bits I like from each pattern….not sure if I’m brave enough yet!!!! 

I’m trying to create a crochet basket at the minute and it’s turning out smaller than I’d like…oh well practice it is….!

Let’s see how this week goes!! Have a lovely week everyone!! 

UPDATE! so here’s the finished basket…smaller than I thought it would be and the handles were a pain, but I guess it turned out ok.

Saturday morning….

Up far too early because of a certain little monkey! Sigh!!

So I’ve had this week off and to be honest I haven’t done much, had quality time with hubby and not so little baby, caught up with family and didn’t get round to doing half the jobs I wanted to do! Oh well! Making memories is more important! 

Today we are off to a wedding where my dad’s partner is bridesmaid and my little brother (who’s 8) is page boy….should be an interesting day! Hubby will be smart in his suit, Eddie will look great in his checked shirt and jeans…and I’ll be in a dress….help!!!! 

Hubby has been on late shift this week so after I put Eddie to bed I started a little project…

My little uneven, mismatched bunny! Undecided weather to add a face, hubby likes it without! When in started crocheting my goal was to try and make an animal…think I need to keep trying!!!

Happy easter weekend everyone!

Granny square

So I’ve got a week off work as the family I work for are away! And to kick it off I was ill 🙁 but all better now thanks to brilliant hubby who did the bulk of looking after Eddie!! Because I wasn’t well, Eddie seemed to pick up on it and was clingy and grumpy too! P

I also managed to make a granny square that is different to the ones I had been making…what do you think? The wool I used was a scrap and a pain in the butt to work with!!


So we had a belated mother’s day for my other half’s stepmum on Sunday.  We ended up in a micropub near a train station in wellingborough. (I was on soft drinks as I was driving.)  Eddie was well behaved and was giving everyone cheeky smiles while we were there! He also had lots of cuddles with granny!! And saw the trains.  By the time the micropub closed (at 4pm as it was a sunday) the bartender said to us that Eddie was a really good baby and not whiney at all! I felt all little proud, I must admit!

From what I gather the reason behind these kind words are that another family regularly pops in with a 1 year old, who spends the whole time whinging and the parents don’t do much/if anything to settle the little one.  It’s sad when that happens. 

And my in laws also said we were doing a great job raising him and he’s a very happy child! (Which he is when not teething!!) It’s nice to hear that, especially when you end up second and third guessing every decision you make and wonder if your getting anything right!!!  

Cuddles with my boy

I love having cuddles with my boy, I’m lucky he is a cuddle boy! 

So he wakes up (in a fairly good mood , after sleeping 10 hours straight!!!) We get him his milk and we get into my bed for cuddles and a little tv time…so I can wake up abit more!!!! I think we all enjoy this quiet time because he’s now so active during the day, he only seems to stop for food and sleep!!! He will definitely keep me on my toes when he’s walking!!!!!

Eddie is so cute because he actually snuggles into you when he cuddles!!! He then grabs my fingers to hold close.

So he now chants dada,  which is lovely! Although he now says it more than mumumumum!!!! 

Have a lovely day !