crochet hats

well I was going to have a grump about some hats that i made but I’m not going to now. the story is….a family member requested a couple of hats, which I made. after I’d finished realised they came up a bit small but I took them to her anyway and said I was doing 2 more in a bigger size. (I thought she understood what I’d said….) anyway she took these hats to her friends who said they liked the design and feel of the wool bit they were too small. so I said id have them back and swap for the 2 new ones of made. I then got a phone call this morning saying she’d sold the 2 smaller hats for £5 for the two! I shouldn’t complain but that amount just covers the cost of the wool, but I don’t think the family member realised that. oh well.

I made a sale!

here’s a picture of the 2 new hats (I forgot to take pictures of the others 😫)

it’s the same style hat that can be worn 2 different ways, nice and easy! (the other two were blue and green)


first make of the year!

so I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy New year? we did! we were all spoilt-especially Eddie!!! 

I haven’t made much over the last few weeks because of the time of year and having to go to work. I did find some lovely wool on eBay that I turned into a small blanket… I used a v-stitch to create 4 rectangles, then used an invisible stitch to see them together and then did  a double (uk) stitch to edge it. I think it turned out ok, although i think the wool would look better in a corner to corner! maybe next time! 

 because of the gifts I’d made, I’ve now got a couple of commission pieces to do… 2 hats, an elephant (but bigger)and an highland cow. so im tryig to get those done!

wishing you….

it’s that time of year to remember those no longer with us, and celebrate with those who are still near!

we have a busy few days ahead and we are getting excited! 

I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year as Eddie is old enough to join in and open his own presents!!! just hoping he won’t be too overwhelmed.

just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas!!!! 

little grey elephant

sorry for the lack of posts, things are getting hectic!! not helped by having a poorly little boy who is best settled with cuddles!

anyway I managed to finish this little elephant for my friend! I quite pleased with the way he came out! again i used the book edwards menargery. My friend was over the moon with him! (and now my boss wants a bigger one!! lol! project for the new year) 

snow day 

so my son saw the snow for the first time today!!!

we wrapped him in his new all in one coat and new wellies and I opened the door to show him the snow….his wow face was so adorable! he was so excited!!!

we let him trundle around and he didn’t fall like I thought he would! 

my hubby and son…

I love my husband and son to bits….but I also love their relationship. 

So I get the usual early wakeup from Eddie and trundle through and give him a bottle of milk (with the hopes he will go back to sleep for another hour!)…..yeah right who am I kidding??!!! two minutes after getting comfy in bed he starts again. so I trundle back through (husband is still snoring) and give him a cuddle, realising my poor boy is soaked (I guess the  bottle went straight through) and strip him and change him…all the while screaming blue murder! so in the clean nappy I give him big cuddles wrapped in his snuggle blanket but no luck, he’s still crying his poor little heart out. so I pick him up, grab a vest and go through to our room (husband finially awake!) he takes him while we quickly wrestle the vest on him so he doesn’t get cold.  my hubby cuddles him and within minutes our little one has calmed down! sods law! 

I love how they are together (although a tiny bit jealous that i couldn’t settle him that quickly!) 

he’s defiantly a daddy’s boy  at the minute!!! oh well! 

Anyway I love my boys